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Meet the Animals

Every Animal Deserves a Great Life

The kids at When Pigs Fly Ranch are part of a family of animals that would have nowhere else to go. This is their forever home, and they get treated like pets. Our goal is that no matter what their circumstance, they all have an abundance of the love, shelter, food and happiness that they deserve.


Fellow animal rescuer, and now our Board President, Deirdre, called me one day in 2017 and said she was doing a rescue dog transfer in Fresno, CA, and Animal Care and Control there had picked up a young pot belly pig. The dog rescue group didn't know what to do, but...

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Tito was in really rough shape when he came to us. He was mostly blind, very undernourished and had some neurological issues. He was removed from a horrible situation of mistreatment by a couple who couldn't stand to see him...

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Bubba came to us from a family who had him for 4 years from a piglet. While he was a loving young man, he started to become aggressive to the family, who became concerned because of their small children. They called us and we brought Bubba to When Pigs Fly Ranch. With...

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Piggy is the inspiration for When Pigs Fly Ranch, so she has a very special place in our hearts. She was captured as a wild piglet as a companion for another wild pig that was rescued when he was attacked by coyotes and lost a leg. Piggy was a loyal companion until...

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Wesley came to us from a family who had been raising pigs for meat. When they made the decision to stop, they had a 9-month old male and his father, but could only keep one.  When they found out about When Pigs Fly Ranch they brought the 175-pound baby who we...

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Oh Monsieur Pierre! What a sweet, wonderful boy you are. Pierre was found as a wild piglet and raised by a very loving woman who loved and cared for him like a pet. When she found herself unable to keep him, she reached out to us and we immediately took him in. Pierre...

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When we rescued Fresno we knew she was such a social girl that she would do best with a companion, so we researched pot bellies in need of rescue and found Hamilton through the California Pot Belly Pig Association.  He was about 14 months when we got him and he and...

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We are thrilled to let you know that Bart has found a new forever home! We rescued him from a dire situation, where he had been abandoned by his previous owners and was facing an uncertain future. We knew when we took him it would be temporary, and that he needed to...

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Here are just some of the chickens we took in when our neighbors at their bed and breakfast asked us to help out. Their flock was being decimated by raccoons, so we moved them all to our aviary / chicken shed and they are a big, happy family!

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