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Fellow animal rescuer, and now our Board President, Deirdre, called me one day in 2017 and said she was doing a rescue dog transfer in Fresno, CA, and Animal Care and Control there had picked up a young pot belly pig. The dog rescue group didn’t know what to do, but Deirdre to the rescue! Within a minute I said we would take the pig, and that’s how she got her name. She was about 4 months old when she came to us and such a cutie! She weighed about 40 pounds then, and now she’s a big, grown girl. One of her funniest traits is how she screams when it’s feeding time – what a noise! She is playful, sweet and loving, her favorite foods are tomatoes and apples, and she loves chasing her buddy Hamilton around.

Fresno’s story took a really rough turn in December of 2018 when she contracted pneumonia with a very high fever. As a result of the fever, she developed a terrible and rare skin ailment which our vet called “fever strike”, which caused her skin to literally burn off her body. We went through a rough few months together, with me having to remove the dead skin and treat her wounds, which were like 3rd degree burns over her entire back – snout to tail. To say it made us closer is an understatement. I’ve never had to do something like that to an animal, so it took all the courage I could muster. But seeing how she stuck it out and truly appreciated all the love and care I gave her made my heart so happy, and our bond so strong. She eventually grew back a thin layer of new skin, which still requires daily treatment, but she lives a very happy life, still running around and spooning with her pen mate Hamilton.

Fresno and Marybeth during a “fever strike” treatment