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About Us

When Pigs Fly Ranch is a lifelong dream come true.

It all started with a pig…

I met Piggy on Thanksgiving Day, 2016, and I fell instantly in love! I had never even touched a pig before and she just won me over from the start. Her situation wasn’t bad – it was just that she was alone all day with little interaction. I knew immediately that she was a loving girl, so we reached out to her owner to ask if we could move her to our ranch as her forever home. So – we decided to build her a place where she could live out her life, with room for more farm animals in need, and When Pigs Fly Ranch was born. She couldn’t be happier!! And neither could we.

… and then another pig!

Wesley was going to be butchered, but his human family heard about us and now he’s a great companion for Piggy. When he came to us he was about 9 months old and quite a personality! He’s now almost 3 and WOW has he grown! He’s about 700 pounds(!) but still loves his back and ears scratched. He knows his name and comes when we call him, especially if it’s meal time 🙂


Here come the pot belly pigs!

Fresno was our first pot belly, and what a way to get introduced to these loving, sweet creatures. She came to us at 4 months old after being found wandering the streets of Fresno (hence, her name). Deirdre, one of our board members, was doing a dog rescue mission in Fresno, and Animal Care and Control asked if she knew anyone who could take a pig. She called and we said yes immediately. Fresno is our When Pigs Fly Ranch Ambassador. She’s the first to greet visitors, she loves being scratched, and will roll over to have her belly rubbed!

Because Fresno was such a social, loving girl, we wanted her to have a pot belly companion. We found out about a pot belly in a situation that he couldn’t stay in. He was from an accidental litter of pot bellies. His human family was evacuated due to wine country fires, and their pot belly pigs ended up having to be temporarily housed together, and made babies! The family couldn’t keep all of them, so we adopted Hamilton to be Fresno’s buddy. The 2 of them are hilarious together, and are totally best friends.

And then… a donkey!

We heard about Bart from a friend who told us that when she moved into her new place, the previous tenants moved out, took their horse, and abandoned the donkey. The new tenants tried their best to care for Bart, but it was clear the situation couldn’t continue, and worse, the landlord required the donkey be removed. When I went to meet Bart it was obvious he was a gentle, but very shy soul. He came to us the following week, and he’s learning to trust us more each day. He loves the other animals, and plays with the pot belly pigs! UPDATE – after living with us for about a year, Bart moved to a new home on a large ranch/sanctuary with other equines. He’s a happy man!